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Moments4sale recognizes the value of your privacy and is committed to protecting your confidentiality. We do not collect any personal data without your consent.

We strongly advocate the protection of our customers' privacy and are committed to ensuring that your personal information is safeguarded. We have adopted the following privacy principles in the belief that they effectively capture our commitment to you.

We recognize and respect our customers' expectation of privacy.
We collect and use only the information needed for legitimate business purposes.
We employ security measures that guard access to and disclosure of information.
We will continuously assess our business practices to ensure that customer privacy is respected.

As part of our commitment to protecting your privacy, we are always working to ensure that our procedures and systems are relevant and supply the appropriate safeguards, and we will regularly conduct audits of our systems and Privacy Policies to ensure compliance.

1. Recognition of Customer's Expectation of Privacy

We recognize and respect the privacy expectations of our customers, and are committed to taking the steps necessary to safeguard the information entrusted to us.

2. Limiting Employee Access of Information

To protect the confidentiality and privacy of information about individuals , we limit employee access to your files. We are committed to ensuring that individuals with access to consumer information do not utilize the data for unauthorized purposes.

3. Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties

Information regarding our customers is used solely in the legitimate conduct of business to deliver products and services, to design products, and to provide special offers designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We will not reveal personally identifiable information to any third party unless we have been authorized by you, have previously informed you in disclosures or agreements that we plan to do so, or are required by law to do so.

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