Auctions are held every week starting on Tuesday and continue through Wednesday.

Auction Procedures and Tips


Auctions are held Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 12:01 am (e.s.t) Tuesday.
We will not show when a given item starts or when it will end. The buyers must be proactive.
You will be notified about bids, and sales as they happen.
We promote fast, competitive bidding.
Your screen name is how you are known in the auctions.
Upon a sale, the seller's buyer's name are made known to both parties on their bills of sale. is only a service and does not participate in resulting transactions between users.

Listing an Item

List an item as soon as possible.
Sales are Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, but potential buyers can look at items any time. So the sooner it is listed, the sooner they can see it.
An item listed on Wednesday will run through the next Tuesday, if not sold sooner.
It's always best to have pictures of your items for sale. Up to two (2) pictures can be uploaded per your listing fee.

When listing an item, the bidding increment function is used to say how much bids must increase by when there is a bid. Example: if your asking price is $200.00, you would not want to allow bids at $1.00 each, but more likely $5.00 or $10.00. Equally, a $5.00 item should not have a $10.00 bid increment. The bidding increment tool can also be left open.

Make use of the "keywords" function when listing an item. Keywords are used by buyers to locate items of interest to them.


The seller can allow an item to be sold at any time, even if the bid amounts do not exceed the minimum they placed.

If a bid is received anytime over the minimum set by seller, and 2 hours have past, the system will acknowledge the sale, and report the item as sold - regardless of how long the listing has been up.

Seller will receive the buyers info ( and the buyer notified of the sale) as soon as selling fees are paid.
Items not sold, can be re-listed with out having to re-enter the data.

Sell an item in an absolute auction setting, where the highest bid takes the item. No minimum price set. Adjust the bid increment accordingly.


You can not bid on any item until a daily bidding token is bought.

Potential bidders can communicate with the seller by our messaging system. Bidders can not use without having purchased a buyer's token for the day.

Note: Use of this system can be a very helpful, but the context of these messages will be added to the item's file for all bidders to see, and also the bill of sale. So use with care.

The seller sets the "Bid Increase" amount. This represents at what value each consecutive bid will increase by.

Book marking an item that you are interested in, this will allow for easy search by you, but also email you when there is any activity on that item.

Settlement is only a service and does not participate in resulting transactions between users.

Buyers and Sellers get a bill of sale for the item bought, along with the condition and comments made by seller (including comments made through messageing system).

The settlement of funds is strictly between the buyer and the seller, as it pertains to acceptable method of payment and delivery of sold item(s). Moments4sale offers a rating system for buyers and sellers to use (if desired).

Moments 4 Sale